Access2Health PLLC
Access2Health PLLC
Family Medical Group
Reach us at 1-409-241-7515
Call / Fax us toll free at 1-888-887-0401
1050 S. 11TH St. Beaumont,Texas 77701
We now offer Covid testing.
If you suspect you have Covid, exposure, or symptoms of Covid call or go to the ER.

                                                     Other test and treatments we offer:  
Plaster Splinting, EKG's, Blood draw collection for our labs, Respiratory Tx, Oxygen, Eye exams, Ear exams,
Wellness exams, Ear wax removal, Simple nose bleeds, Incision and Drainage, Blood pressure evaluation, H.pylori
test, Diabetic Blood sugar evaluation, Flu and Strep screens, FHR screen, Laceration repair, Suture removal, Sports
injuries, Skin tag removals, FB removal eyes, ears and nose, STD evaluations, GYN evaluations, Weight loss tx,
Tetnus shots, Pregnancy test and HCG levels, Non Invasive ocult screens, Basic ingrown nail removal, UDS - (Sorry
we do not do DOT or DOT physicals).
********** Now Accepting Many Forms of Insurance**********
****Service only available during normal business hours of operation.****
Please do not delay seeking care for needs that may be beyond the
scope of this service. Call 911 or go to the ER.
If no Insurance cash paying
Phone: 1-409-241-7515