Access2Health PLLC
Family Medical Group
*If you have a life threatening medical emergency please call 911 or go to the nearest ER.

~Be Advised~
We do not keep or prescribe any narcotics or schedule II medications at our office.  We will adhere to state
guidelines and consult with the recommended PMP website.  

HIPAA Guidelines
We will adhere to HIPAA guidelines regarding release of patient medical records.  We will require written consent
from the patient to release any medical records when requested outside of patient appointment.  Patients will be
provided upon request with a copy of medical records. Charges may apply. Treatment, prescriptions and discharge
information provided following payment discussion and agreement.

We do not allow smoking in or around the office or on the property.
We do not allow alcoholic consumption on the office property.
No Loitering or panhandling on the office property.  
No weapons or non-licensed gun carry on the property.  
Due to COVID mask are required and visitors with patients are limited.

We do not tolerate inappropriate or abusive behaviors towards any of the providers or office staff.  If staff
members are disrespected in any way, the patient and/or accompanying person will be asked to leave and not
Reach us at 1-409-241-7515
Call / Fax us toll free at 1-888-887-0401
1050 S. 11TH St. Beaumont,Texas 77701