Access2Health PLLC
Access2Health PLLC
Family Medical Group
*Bilingual medical office staff

*Billing and coding specialist

*Family Nurse Practitioner

*Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

•The nurse practitioner (NP) will abide by the lawful and ethical principles of his/her profession and the staff bylaws, rules and
policies of Access2Health PLLC.
•The NP will subject his/her performance to, and participate in, quality improvement programs and peer review when
•The NP will provide appropriate, high quality care; assist in the evaluation and care of acutely and/or chronically ill patients.
•The nurse practitioner (NP) may provide those services specifically authorized for him/her according to the scope of practice
mandated by the state. This includes age appropriate care according to the certification of the NP.
•Duties of acts specified for the NP may not exceed the clinical scope of practice granted by the Board of Nurse Examiners for
the State of Texas or collaborating physician.
•The NP may perform history and physical exams, provide care and discharge patient plus document appropriately to the chart
per company standards.
•The NP may order scheduled/nonscheduled medications and other medical therapies as appropriate. (I.e. activity, diets, etc.)
•The NP may order treatment, laboratory work, diagnostic tests and other ancillary procedures as appropriate.
•The NP may dictate telephone and verbal orders to per guidelines.
•The NP may council patients/ families on current medical conditions, patient progress, and evolving plan of care.
•The NP may arrange/assist in the arrangements, placement, and aftercare of patients and/or discharge.
•Consult and collaboration with the sponsoring physician will be initiated as needed to ensure competent, safe, and appropriate
patient care.
•In upholding their responsibility to Access2Health PLLC, and the collaborating physician will evaluate and countersign those
acts performed by the NP per guidelines .

POSITION QUALIFICATIONS: Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled
•The NP must be a graduate from an accredited advanced practice registered nurse program. (APRN)
•The NP must be licensed to practice as a registered nurse in the state of Texas and recognized by the Board of Nurse
Examiners for the State of Texas as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse qualified to see patients of the ages appropriate
to their license and training. (i.e. Family Nurse Practitioners can treat all ages. Pediatric Nurse Practitioners can treat from
birth to age 18.)
•The NP must hold a certification in the area of specialty granted by a nationally certifying agency approved by the Board of
Nurse Examiners for the State of Texas. (Eligible to sit for nationally certifying examination.)
•The NP must hold a current prescriptive privilege number granted by the Board of Nurse Examiners of the State of Texas.
(Eligible to make application for a prescriptive privilege number.)
•The NP must be eligible for delegated prescriptive privileges by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners. (i.e. DPS and
DEA number in good standing)
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